Business email solutions

Inwebsite supplies businesses with reliable business email accounts together with excellent personal service, absolutely imperative in a commercial environment.

In order to be able to guarantee our clients reliable email transfer and storage, without the risks of bouncebacks (unlike many providers who offer free or cheap emails accounts and tend to always have problems). We choose Google/MSN as our partners to offer more than 5000 MB of space per email account (some of our competitors only offer 5 or 10 MB).

Email Hosting UK

  • Large 5000MB mailbox per user: allows very large attachments to be sent / received
  • Unlimited email aliases/forwarders : ie and can all go to the same email address and will not cost you any extra
  • Full Control Panel : to add/remove/edit/forward email addresses
  • Auto Responders : so that when you are away from the office people will receive an immediate reply
  • WebMail: so you can pick up your email from any computer in the world
  • Spam Assassin at server level: to remove most junk mail even before it hits your email accoun
  • Virus removal (most known viruses) at server level: to remove dangerous viruses before it even hits your email account